April 2013

Short training course in salt water recirculation aquaculture technology in the Baltic Sea region

The course is targeted at consultants and representatives of core aquaculture organizations within the region, in order for them to disseminate the acquired knowledge to local fish farmers and to stimulate establishment of new recirculation aquaculture companies. The course is organised by DTU Aqua, Denmark. Applications for the course no later than 1st May 2013.


Environmentally sustainable aquaculture: Focusing on nitrogen removal

Feeding fish in aquaculture production inevitably generates wastes in the form of nutrients which may be discharged to the near recipient. However, this environmental burden can be significantly reduced by applying nutrient removing technologies before discharge.


Jämtland spatial planning raises public interest

Jämtland Sweden has an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders in order to agree on substantial increase in aquaculture production in their region. Links to news on television and newspapers (currently in Swedish) can be found at Aquabest Facebook-pages.


A mussel farming magazine has been published

This publication provides an overview on the perspectives on mussel farming in the Baltic Sea Region that were shared during the Åland Aquaculture Week.


Watch the underwater video about mussel farming in Åland

Last summer an underwater video was made of a farm to document the mussels at their prime time. The Åland pilot mussel farm project gives valuable input to the Aquabest-project, in which the experiences are taken forward.


Baltic Sea projects met at AQUAFIMA’s ICZM workshop

AQUABEST contributed the workshop with presentations on the Swedish case study on spatial planning and on the legal regulation framework of the region's aquaculture.


Fruitful workshop on aquaculture regulation in Tallinn

Aquabest organized a two day work meeting on the development of legal and voluntary regulation of aquaculture in the BSR in Tallinn, Estonia on the 6th-7th February, 2013. The two focal points of the meeting were, firstly, how to streamline the heavy legal permitting and, secondly, how to reach a win-win-win situation in the implementation of the self-regulation schemes.

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