June 2013

Joint Final Conference of AQUAFIMA and Aquabest

Baltic Sea Region Programme projects Aquabest and AQUAFIMA will host a joint final conference in Mariehamn, Åland Islands, on the 5.-6. February 2014.


Towards closing the loop

On Wednesday the 19th of June, stakeholders from the feed industry, the authorities, research institutions and fish farmers gathered in Stockholm for the third meeting in a series of roundtable discussions hosted by Aquabest. The outcome of the meeting was a mass balance concept for nutrients sourced in the Baltic Sea.


Watch a film about mussel harvest in Åland

In December 2012, the Åland Government mussel farm was harvested. This was a pilot project part-financed by the European Fisheries Fund with the aim to investigate whether it is possible to farm mussels on a large scale in the Åland archipelago.


New report: Voluntary responsibility schemes in aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region

Promotion of local food production is on political agenda in all countries. Organic and eco-certified aquaculture are newer trends and still behind other staple foodstuffs in terms of market share.


New report: Legal regulation of aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region - Frameworks, practices and farmers’ attitudes

The report highlights four dimensions of the regulation: the complexes of relevant laws, the procedures of envi-ronmental permitting, the terms of permits and the farmers' contributions to the licensing processes. The results are presented separately for Nordic countries and for Baltic countries.

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