May 2013

Aquabest recommendations drafted and circulated in autumn 2013

Aquabest will write core findings of the project in the form of recommendations, which will be circulated among stakeholders in the autumn. The recommendations will be founded on experiences within our activities during the project.


Jämtland aquaculture debate continues very actively

Public discussion on new fish farms has been very active due to large permit applications in Jämtland, Sweden. In the lake Storsjön, a permit application for 6000 tons production is currently being evaluated.


Enhancing and streamlining administrative and regulatory procedures to support sustainable growth of Baltic Sea region aquaculture

The regulatory approaches of BSR coastal states regarding aquaculture vary considerably due to the political developments in the area during the past two decades.


Feasibility of recirculation farming in Belarus

To evaluate preconditions of establishing new fish farms, feasibility studies are often carried out by public decision makers and private sector. In Aquabest, a feasibility study guidelines to extend use of the Danish recirculation farming concept (Model fish farms) to the entire Baltic Sea region will be published. The guidelines are being field tested in Belarus.


Aquabest in the Baltic 2013 Conference

The goals and activities of the Aquabest project were presented in the Baltic 2013 Conference of the Coalition Clean Baltic (, held in Tallinn, Estonia, the 17th - 20th of May 2013.

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