September 2012

Register now! Åland Aquaculture Week 9 - 12 October

Join the Åland Aquaculture Week 9-12 October and influence the future of the Baltic Sea Region's aquaculture! The event will offer a platform for cooperation and networking among different stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region's aquaculture industry, such as policy makers, feed manufacturers, fish and mussel farmers. Discussions will focus on ways towards a sustainable development of the region's future aquaculture.


Analysis of stakeholder attitudes: The majority sees opportunities for the growth of aquaculture in the Baltic Sea Region

The results showed that the global role of growing aquaculture as an eco-efficient primary food production was rather unanimously accepted. The attitudes towards problems, constraints and opportunities of aquaculture in the Baltic Sea Region are very similar in all parts of the region.


Developing responsible aquaculture in the Baltic Sea Region - Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides a basis for governments and industries to improve the overall sustainability of aquaculture both at national and regional levels.


New report on GIS analysis

The aim of the report is to identify the most suitable lakes for fish farms and identify possible administrative and physical obstacles for establishing fish farms at certain localities in specific lakes.


Visibility and new contacts for Aquabest in Copenhagen Baltic Sea Summit

Denmark was hosting a big Baltic Sea congress in mid-June 2012. Aquabest was strongly present in the Networking Village of the Summit with project's own stand.


Aquabest in Norway, Åland and Turkey

Check out Aquabest web site and find out where you can meet Aquabest.

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