December 2012

Aquabest met at Jämtland Sweden: Decision makers are listening to our suggestions to develop sustainable aquaculture

Of major importance in Aquabest-project is to raise awareness on the potential of aquaculture to produce healthy, local food and income around our common Baltic Sea region. We are happy to tell that progress have been made, even to the extent of breakthrough in certain regions where politicians actively take on board Aquabest messages on actions needed to develop aquaculture on a sustainable path. This and many other positive signals were lively discussed at Aquabest partner meeting at Jämtland 7.-9.11.2012.


Survey: Increasing aquaculture in the Baltic Sea meets with positive response

Most respondents were of the opinion that increasing cultured production of sea-food on a global level would be necessary to feeding the world's expanding population, and ecologically justifiable.


Short training course in salt water recirculation aquaculture technology in Baltic Sea region

The course is targeted at consultants and representatives of core aquaculture organizations within the region, in order for them to disseminate the acquired knowledge to local fish farmers and to stimulate establishment of new recirculation aquaculture companies. The course is organised by DTU Aqua, Denmark.


Aquabest organized a field trip to potential offshore sites for fish farming in Finnish coastline

In large scale, the sustainable growth of fish farming is likely to happen in exposed marine areas. In Baltic, however, the production conditions in offshore areas are especially challenging.


The future of sustainable fish feed and mussel farming in the Baltic Sea was discussed at the Åland Aquaculture Week

The collaborative event with Submariner project offered a platform for cooperation and networking among different stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region’s aquaculture sector, such as policy makers, feed manufacturers, fish and mussel farmers.


New report: Identifying the most suitable areas for mussel farms in the swedish Kalmar County

The report identifies the most suitable areas for mussel farms. It also identifies possible administrative and physical obstacles for establishing them at certain localities in specific areas.


New report: Environmental regulation of aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region

All the countries of the study use permits to control aquaculture activities but only Åland has a permit specifically designed to control aquaculture activities. There are significant differences in regulatory controls of aquaculture activities, the threshold criteria for permits and length of permit procedure.


The World of Aquaculture met in Prague

The AQUA2012, held in Praque the 1st - 5th September, was an extensive event with roughly 700 oral presentations, 600 posters, 100 exhibitors and thousands of participants. The Aquabest project contributed a poster to the congress on the legal regulation of aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region.

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