Aquabest Recommendation drafted and circulated in Autumn 2013

Aquabest will write core findings of the project in the form of recommendations, which will be circulated among stakeholders in the autumn. The recommendations will be founded on experiences within our activities during the project.

Aquabest partner BIOR (The Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment in Latvia) hosted our fourth partner meeting, which was devoted to regulation issues of aquaculture. Summary of our regulation work updated in May 2013 can be found at Aquabest website.

Aquabest partners also started the preparation of the "Aquabest recommendation", guidelines for decision makers to sustainable aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region. The recommendation will combine lessons learnt during the various Aquabest activities. A draft of the recommendation will be circulated for comments and amendments among our almost 2 000 receivers of this newsletter in the autumn.

Additional information:
Jouni Vielma
Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute

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