Comment on Aquabest Recommendations!

Aquabest project has been working for over two years to suggest ways to increase aquaculture production using sustainable practices and technologies in the Baltic Sea region. Aquabest Recommendations, a collaborative work between 14 organizations and various stakeholders, will contain the main messages towards decision makers.

We would be grateful of Your views and comments on our proposal how to increase sustainable aquaculture production both in the Baltic Sea and its drainage area. Aquabest Recommendation focuses on four main themes selected: environmental regulation, spatial planning, development of fish feeds based on Baltic Sea region ingredients, and implementation of new recirculation aquaculture technologies throughout the region.

Please send your feedback to project coordinator Jouni Vielma by 20.12.2013.

All comments and suggestions for improvements will be discussed by the Aquabest project steering group. The revised and edited Aquabest Recommendations will be launched at the joint final conference of Aquabest and AQUAFIMA projects, on the 5.-6.2.2014 in Mariehamn, Åland Islands.

  Draft: Aquabest Recommendations