Conference presentations and video available

Aquabest and AQUAFIMA projects organised their joint final conference in Åland Islands in February. In total about 120 participants from 11 countries along the Baltic Sea region participated the meeting.

Highlights of the first conference day were the plenary talks and a panel discussion. Plenary speakers included Ole Torrissen (ICES/IMR), Mikhail Durkin (HELCOM), and Raimonds Vesers ( EU Commission - DG MARE). Matti Skor and Jouni Vielma, Lead Partners of the AQUAFIMA and Aquabest projects introduced the main project results. Thereafter, the plenary speakers were joined by Ellen Bruno (Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) and Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen (Danish Aquaculture Organisation) for a panel discussion, led by Lovisa Selander from the Baltic Development Forum. The panelists agreed that the sustainability of aquaculture needs to be assessed in relation to its alternatives especially fish imported outside our region. Consuming imported fish externalizes the negative environmental effects to other regions. How aquaculture fits into the larger landscape of agriculture and food production was also debated. Aquaculture is the most extensively regulated primary food production sector, and presently food production sectors are not equally treated in terms of licensing and societal acceptance.

The second conference day was set up of parallel sessions in order to deepen the discussion on specific topics the projects have worked on.

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