Manual for consultation process in fish farming in the county of Jämtland

There are good conditions for fish farms in the county of Jämtland. The demand is primarily for small-scale farms and local farming. There is often very good local knowledge among the fish conservation organisations that it is worthwhile a future practitioner taking note of.

What is up for discussion and what a future practitioner ought to take into account are matters concerning the origin of the fish, risks of infection between farms and wild fish plus the risk of parasites, and the matter of nutrient loads and the impact on beds are very important.

In a test, licensing authorities will demand extensive documentation regarding the assessment of the impact of the fish farms on the nutritional balance in the lakes and on local fauna. Further questions may concern environmental disruption on the part of transportation for residents and local businesses plus the impact on the existing natural surroundings and national interests.

The report is divided into three sections; section 1 deals with the licence and EID process from both a general perspective and the perspective that is specific to aquaculture. Section 2 deals with the designated localities in the county of Jämtland, including an account of the points of view that have been put forward in the process. Section 3 details some argumentation that may be of value in a licence and EID process when the authorities' fundamental survey requirements increase and substantial importance is placed on a good basis in a licence process.

Report: Manual for consultation process in fish farming in the county of Jämtland